Christmas Lights: Once again, with the arrival of winter, people huddled in front of their fireplaces and the children began to get excited about the arrival of Christmas. Nougats, polvorones, gifts and lights.

Oh, the Christmas lights, with their colors, their soft flickering… what would this holiday season be without them? The streets would be dark and sad at dusk, empty without the joy of these dates.

But, like every year, there is someone who wants to end happiness, Christmas carols and everything that Christmas represents. A being that feeds on sadness: the evil Grinch.

Haven’t you ever met it? Well you’re lucky. Few are those who have been in his presence and have come to know joy again.

His new plan was the most cunning he had ever devised. So subtle and masterful that no one would realize who was behind it and what its goals were. At least until it had been too late.

It would remove all the bright decoration from the streets in one fell swoop, making all the warmth and joy they convey disappear. Goodbye lights, goodbye joy, goodbye Christmas. Simple? No doubt. Mean? Of course. But what could be expected of a being with such a dark heart.

This time his ally would be the cold, a cold the like of which had not been known in centuries. But is it possible that the cold ends with the Christmas lights and everything they represent? To solve the mystery you have to understand how Christmas lighting works.

As we know, all lights, garlands, nets, curtains and countless ornaments are powered by electricity. Electricity generation uses several different sources that can be affected by unfavorable weather. In addition, with the cold increases the demand.