At the Start of this year I RESET a personal goal. “To ride my mountain bike from home in Halswell to Taylors Mistake, along the tracks, by the end of March 2010”. (approx 40km) 450 bushmaster ammo

I say RESET because I never achieved it the first time I made this goal last year. I allowed other things to take over, and allowed other priorities to push it down the list. I made choices, and decisions that meant it wasn’t achieved. I accept that as part of my Learning’s, however I still had the BURNING DESIRE (Lesson 1) to tick it off my list.

Well the good news is I have NAILED IT! and Achieved my Goal! and I am now REFLECTING on the Process I went through so I can capture what worked, what didn’t and use that as my model for achieving other goals.

Lesson 1. Burning Desire
I had a burning desire right from the outset, and was inspired by my goal. By achieving it I knew there would be numerous benefits, like being fitter, healthier, and having more energy. All of these were the reason WHY? and the PURPOSE of the Goal.

Lesson 2. Purpose ( Your Why?)
The Purpose is what drives people and it’s what drove me. The reasons for doing it and the reason WHY? were the motivators. I have learnt that the WHY? is the most powerful component. If you have a big enough WHY? or reason to do something….you will figure out the HOW to achieve it. I see so many times people start to strategise and create their Plan or How to, before they’re connected to the reason WHY? only to give up after the first hurdle. It’s the Why? that cultivates the Passion and Pushes you through the barriers or blocks.

Lesson 3. Commitment
For me it’s no use setting a goal unless you’re committed to it, and committed to doing what it takes to achieving it. I have set so many goals in my life, some I have achieved, some I haven’t. There’s something in common for all of them being achieved or not…”Commitment”. It’s as simple as that.

Lesson 4. Define your Vision (Visualisation)
Writing an Inspiring Vision was the next step I took towards achieving my Goal. This helped me connect with the end in mind. I painted a picture in my own mind of what it would be like having already achieved it.